Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Week 6

I have learnt ho to say some words in german, so bitte is thank you, ol is oil, salz is salt and ive learnt a bunch more. One thing that is getting harder is saying the full phrase all together. Im trying to pronounce it and its starting to sound like french and im starting to understand it when my grandmother speaks it. So shes extremely happy about it. Plus i like confusing people when i speak it.

So one thing i love saying Is :ich liebe apfelsaft und orangensaft.

That means i love apple juice and orange juice.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Week 5

Im feeling like im having trouble finding an application that translates what im saying of some sort. Also i have succeeded at the basics of german, but i have a couple steps that i gotta do, so i need to check what level im on, on duolingo, and see how thats going, secondly i feel weird speaking it and its starting to get more difficult to pronounce. Also im loving doing this its so much fun and im having a good time to be honest. So thats going swell!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Week 4

This week things are going pretty swell, ive learnt the basics and proper pronouciation, im starting to get ready to learn over words then the,and,as,etc. I want to learn basic questions and how to properly answer them. So to be honest i really like passion projects because ive nver had the time to do this but now i can.Also ive encountered a few obstacles, like ive had trouble with pronouciating a couple words but then i got threw it after listening to it. I do not have photos or videos at the moment maybe next week!

Week 3

Ive found it hard not been at school so i downloaded duoling, i hope ill be there for week 4!

Week 2

I had to do my 60 second pitch, im happy i got to sit down and not stand, well heres my pitch:

My name is Amelia, and today i am gonna pitch you something very neat.
I would like to learn german manly because my great grandfather had to fight in the war in germany.
Also its where my grandmother was born.
Ill most likely will use duolingo to learn german and possibly babble.
But I need to one,choose which app or website im gonna use,two, make sure i can learn all the basics
correctly and three understand it. I know my main obstacles are gonna be trying to remember the
words and the pronunciation. Also, this project would help me fulfill what i've always would have liked to
do in witch is learn three languages so when i need to travel somewhere and somebody speaks it i
know how to reply.And i've always been passionate about my heritage and this is one step closer to it.
Well thank you for listening and spending your time listening to me.
I hope you take this into consideration.

Week 1

So for passion projects im learning german and im thinking of creating a speech.But im worried,So i am now using duolingo and learning the pronouciation , plus how to properly say that words and I started writing my 60 second pitch, I kinda think itll go over 60 seconds but thats okay.

Week 6

I have learnt ho to say some words in german, so bitte is thank you, ol is oil, salz is salt and ive learnt a bunch more. One thing that is ...